Company Group

"BI Granum" - an agro-industrial company group, which has been strengthening its position in the grain market for over 10 years.

Effective strategic management gives us opportunity to use competitive advantages, to expand presence in target markets, and, as a result, to increase the value of the share capital.

In the course of realization of its strategy, the company makes investments and carries out the following business progects:
Export, Trading, Elevators and Crop production.

Good standing of "BI Granum" group allows us to build open, long-term and effective relationships with our partners and customers.

"BI Granum" group is a member of the National Association of Exporters of Agricultural products and the Russian Grain Union.

We believe that "BI Granum" group makes a significant contribution to the development of the Russian agro-industrial complex and the results of our activities affect its competitiveness.